H & F… F for Fail!

19 Feb

On Friday I was walking around the mall with Scottish Lass after a delish lunch of quiche and banana smoothies at Lime Tree in Dubai. We popped into H&M to buy some new head bands (we both have this sick obsession with head bands and H&M has some great one’s). So we were looking around the hair accessories area and I came across this:

It can’t be. It’s a fail. Scrunchies are not making a come back.They’re just not.

I was traumatized standing there with an actual Scrunchie in my hand. The longer I stood there and stared blankly at them, the harder Scottish Lass and I cackled at the fact that there were actual real life Scrunchie’s in the shop.

I’m putting it down to a new intern Buyer at H&M that came to work with a fat hangover one day and somehow these slipped through to the shelves. And even if they are making a come back I would not be caught wearing one. Not now, not EVER!

Shame on you H&M, this is devastating to say the least.

Miss M x


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