When “I” becomes “We”

2 Feb

Last night I was watching one of my favourite Sex and the City episodes and Miranda, in a truly frustrated Miranda way, says, “When women get married they forget who they are. I becomes we. We loved the movie. We hate the restaurant. We, we, we, we…” I have loads of married friends who this is most certainly not true for, they’re fun and fabulous. And yes, I totally understand that when people are in luuurrvve and get married or even just in a relationship, obviously, they become a unit, in more ways than one. What got me thinking is:

Where do you draw the line?

Christmas cards – tick, Facebook profile – fail! It’s a fine line – be careful not to cross it! I nearly fell off my chair backwards when I saw a combined Facebook profile (eg: Barbie and Ben Dover) Come on!? Perhaps I’m just being cynical and all the married peeps out there are thinking to themselves – is this girl outside of her mind, she just doesn’t get it! But do they get it, do they share a brain too!?

Don’t get me wrong here, I am a hopeless romantic. I absolutely love chick flicks (like in Jerry McGuire, when she says – “you had me at helloaaah bless), I love love for that matter and love being in love (yes, contrary to popular belief I have been in love, or should I say, we were in love) and I do think that if you don’t have love in this world, what do you have right? It makes the world go round, spin off its axis in some cases.

I guess it’s just a case of not losing your own fabulous identity – what makes you, you. I’m still slightly confused over this, and I just hope that one day when I’m all grown up and get married, en shallah, that I’ll find a balance between the “I” and “we” perching happily with one foot firmly on the “we” side of the line and one foot practically cemented into the ground on the “I” side.

Enough of this DMC. It’s been emotional peach.

Miss M x


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