Kim gets naked, again.

1 Feb

I love this woman, I don’t know why, but I do. She’s managed to Brand herself and become famous for no real reason at all. She has no talent so to speak of but everyone knows exactly who Kim Kardashian is.

But look at this. She’s taken her kit off, again. 1st the sex tape which everyone has seen, then Playboy (which was tastefully done, I liked). And now this. Had to share this with you peaches. Clearly this chica likes stripping down. If I had tits and ass like this, I would too.

I’d say at this point it’s about Kim’s Va JJ underneath the “I mean me”

Yusses Kimmy!

But this is my best – she is ranting because, and I quote, “I feel so taken advantage of. I’ve definitely learned my lesson. I’m never taking my clothes off again, even if it’s for Vogue.” Don’t say that. Take your clothes off, we know you like to.

Apparently she was told that she would be naked in the photos but fully covered in silver paint. “This artist will put images of architecture and buildings and stuff on top of me so you will see my body shape and the outline but not actually my boobs or anything,”

Hello, I think her brains have gone to her butt. I mean, was she at this shoot – tick, did she stand there and pose with silver paint on her nekked body – tick, did she approve the visuals – she must have, she’s KK.

So stop bleating. You look hot. Stupid ass.

Miss M x


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