Girl on girl

24 Jan

Again… get your head out the gutter and focus here for 5 minutes puh-lease! Not that kind of girl on girl action! Just a little story about a girl.

Lately our happy little family at our home, The Castle (this comprises of The QS, The Accomplice, The Confused Expat, and an adopted family member Achilles and me, Miss M) have been watching loads of Modern Family.

You have GOT to get involved with this series – it is absolutely hilarious and even after watching some episodes twice, I was still screaming with laughter until my tummy hurt, I love it when that happens. Brilliant.

Back to the point, the smoking hot actress in this series can just not be missed, Sofia Vergara, and admittedly I have a teeny girl crush on her. Now, a girl crush is quite acceptable. It by no account means that I or any other girl with a girl crush is a lesbian, defo naaat (Scottish Lass is in love with Rihanna – perfectly acceptable). It also does not mean that if ever Sofia Vergara wanted a smooch I would do so (OK I might be fibbing here a bit, maybe I would).

She is a sex siren this chica. Just look at her, do they even make women this perfect!? And to go with it she has that sultry Colombian accent – loud and so hot right now. She dates a Politician guy Nick Loeb… Loeb… Sofia Loeb, um no – just not working. Lube maybe!?

This one’s for The QS (I like big butts and I can not lie…)

And this one for The Accomplice (I’d say perfect movement here).

And this one’s for the ladies:

I loved her at the 2011 Golden Globes, could possibly have been one my favourite red carpet moments for her. Strangely enough she had a mahoosive disaster trying to find a dress to fit her. She tweeted days before the Golden Globes, “Nothing fits meeee!!!! I’m not going to the Golden Globes!!!!!!!” ( I can just imagine her belting this out in that accent – enough said). She posted this along with the pic of her with a few zipper problems.

Can you believe that!? None of the designers dresses fitted her perfect curvaceous booty!

She ended up looking stunning in this fiery Vera Wang dress featuring a gathered bodice, black sash and lace-up back detail. The colour of the dress is to die for on her tanned skin, the clinched in waist accentuates her perfect little waist and stunning hips and curves. Never mind the rack staring right at your face – it’s not too much, just enough – perfection really. Love the drop earrings and bauble-cocktail ring to finish off the look. Her make-up never fails with the ever so natural look and heavy lashed up eye and for her hair – the dark cascading waves down her body. Gorgeous.

I just think that pure beauty like this should be celebrated – whether it’s by a girl crush or not. Nobody is perfect, but this sure as sh*t comes close to it. What I love about this woman is that she is a talented actress, has smoking hot looks that she embraces, is stylish on the red carpet, the perfect lady on her Politician’s arm, she’s beat Thyroid Cancer, practically a dentist (so she has a brain), oozes confidence and is utterly sexy in a swimwear shoot. Well – to be fair, she’s just all round sexy, and confident at it.

Get your sexy confidence on, peaches. Get your eyes off her tits and ass, guys.

Miss M x


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