Men ARE from Mars, women are from Venus?

21 Jan

On Wednesday night, which in the part of the desert that I live in is a “Friday” night (it’s all a bit different out here), I was keen for a super chillaxing evening after a manic week in the place that is work. I went out for dinner and to cinema with two of my favourite guy friends that never fail for either an uber chilled night of great company, banter and laughs or an off the hook partaaaay, let’s call the one The QS and the other The Accomplice, just for arguments sake.

It all starts with The QS piping up in back of the car (late call on the shotgun my dear friend). This is how the conversation went:

The QS: So tell us about this chick with the alice thingy.

Miss M: Well you won’t believe it; she was wearing a padded alice band and a scrunchie! I couldn’t believe it! I mean, seriously, who does that right!? (I’m expecting an equally “shock, horror” response from at least one of them).

The QS  & The Accomplice: Was she hot?

Miss M: No.

The QS: Seriously, you’re just saying that. Like how old, twenty something maybe?

Miss M: No, like in her forties maybe, late forties I reckon. (She would’ve had to have been bopping around in the 80’s, so I reckon my guesstimate was pearler).

The Accomplice: Well the question still stands then (chuckle chuckle).

Miss M: I told you okes, she wasn’t fit, you know I would tell you if she was, and she was wearing a padded alice band and a scrunchie, so definitely not a belter.

The Accomplice: How much?

Miss M: 3000 Rials, minimum (This is the hotness barometer, wrong, but a good method in rating)!?

The QS: No, probably 50 rats.

Miss M: Yusses – ok then. Sluts.

The Accomplice: Well, what’s a padded alice band anyway?

Miss M: It’s a padded alice band….(interrupted)

The QS: What’s that?

Miss M: Like the thing girls wear on their head’s, it pushes their hair back (demonstrating clearly now what an alice band is with hand gestures and everything, looking like the circus under one tent here trying to explain). Guy’s, for your reference, please see exhibit A, padded alice band – fail:

The Accomplice: So like what you’re wearing?

Miss M: (Horrified) Hell no! This is a head band, not a padded alice band, yusses! (I love alice bands, just not padded one’s)! Please see exhibit B for acceptable headbands – tick:

I gave the padded alice band 101 class and we were all on the same page.

It’s just got me thinking, are men quite possibly from Mars and women from Venus? How on earth do we co-habit this Earth (well, I guess I do know, but you know what I mean)? There I thought that it was perfectly acceptable to think that it’s horrendous that a woman was wearing a padded alice band and scrunchie in a public space but this was interpreted by the guys as, what did she look like, was she hot, how old is she and how much… oh and by the way, what’s a padded alice thingy? Love these ad’s, it explains it all.

Kudo’s to these two for reading the post, think it might’ve had something to do with the Demotivational poster.

Miss M x


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