RIP Nelson Mandela – WHAT!?

16 Jan

That absolute feeling of shock you just got when you read the headline is EXACTLY how I felt when I was on Twitter last night and was HORRIFIED to say the least to see this as the top trending topic.

To set the record straight – THIS IS NOT TRUE! Our beloved Madiba is just peachy, great in fact. I just got off the phone with him this morning and he says howzit to y’all.

Now, if you don’t know who Nelson Mandela is – I have no words. I’m not muchos interested in politics myself, but get involved in who this remarkable man is. I’ve been kind enough to give you a Madiba 101 lesson by reading up on this link:

Not cool though my peach, you should know!

Back to the point, the trending topic. For those of you who are not avid Twitter experts (and you SO should be) a trending topic is basically something that everyone is talking about on their Twitter, through their tweets. Trending topics capture the hottest emerging trends and topics of discussion on Twitter are the most interesting, in real time.OK fine – I love the concept and I love Twitter and most certainly keeps a chica in line with what’s hot and not. But RIP Madiba is NOT HOT! I’m outraged! Some muppet with nothing better to do with his time started this absolute nonsense. Who are the Twits at Twitter who can’t moderate their site and ensure that absolute shyte like this does not hit the world wide web, it’s spread like wild fire. I know it’s not Twitter’s fault, it’s Twitter users – Twirps I think I would like to call them, who see it as cool to start killing hoaxes!  Check it out:

This is by no means a slagging off of Twitter, but come on, surely they can’t allow this.

Enough said on this negative trending topic. We love you Madiba. Plenty.

Miss M x


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