The brunching culture

14 Jan

When I first moved out to the desert and I heard the word brunch being thrown around, I had visions of late (say 11ish) civilised breakfast taking place – so bacon and eggs on a Sunday morn stretching into the early arvie, with perhaps a glass or 2 of champagne and OJ. Um, I think NAAAT.

I attended my 1st brunch, and this is where I first met my entourage of fabulous girlfriends. Here’s the DL on what brunch really is about. Now listen carefully and write this down if necessary. Firstly, it doesn’t involve bacon and eggs, so don’t look like a muppet wanting to order breakfast. No pork allowed. It’s not even about the food really, although at all brunches there is an array of delicious food at the buffet (pronounced buff-it). It happens at various fabulous hotels, starts at midday on either or Thursday or Friday (not Sunday, this is the desert people) and is about the champagne, or shampoo as I like to call it. Those attending a brunch on a weekend get all dolled up and head to a great brunch of choice for the afternoon (note to self: don’t wear such killer heels to the next brunch).

This weekend saw 15 or so twenty somethings  (and some 30-odd, bless their souls) heading to the Radisson Blu brunch for one of my lovely girlfriends birthdays – happy happy my darling friend!

Now to really get the most out of your brunch, become friends with your waiter. Simple. This is easily accomplished by asking their name, smiling, possibly a bit of batting of eyelids – and you’re in. Your glass will always be half full. Fantastic. Brunch always starts off cool, calm and collected but by the end of it, the restaurant staff looked washed out and are begging patrons to leave. (Ok ok, we’re leaving – to the next party that is).

Brunch is generally followed by heading out for a bit of disco to squeak some takkie (or heel), or lazying around a friends villa. The day after brunch is usually spent in bed, nursing a killer hangover with Panadol’s, water and Sex and the City series.

There are so many brunches to choose from (in Dubai) – some of my fav spots are The Warehouse at the Le Meridian hotel close to the airport. This doesn’t have a buff-it, it’s served right to your table so you need not separate yourself from you favourite glass of bubbles, or mojito in this case. There’s also a happy hour that kicks in at 4pm with some cheesy disco beats being belted out from the DJ box. Great vibe. Time out Dubai rates it as “One of the best value deals in town with some of the best food on offer and all you can drink mojitos”. Fabulous. Check out:

Another excellent venue is the  Grand Grill at the Habtoor Grand Resort and Spa. Being a Saffa chica, this is an excellet South African steakhouse, that has everything from South African waiters to Amarula (delish as an Amarula Pedro – to die for)! During the winter, when the temp is only about 28 degrees, it is great to sit outside and sip on your shampoo whilst spending an arvie with fabulous company overlooking the beautiful sea view. This particular brunch was for my awesome Scottish friends birthday, which saw me and my accomplice booking flights spontaneously at midnight that night up to Dubai for the Friday, the had FOMO kicked in and we suprised her (but this is another story all together, next time). Check out:

Last, but certainly not least is Mina Salam at the Madinat. This brunch is fairly relaxed in relation to the other 2. It’s set on the canals that surround the hotel and is really quite chilled. What you don’t want to miss at this restaurant is the food. Now I know I said that brunch is not about the food but at Mina Salam it is. The food it truly excellent and innovative and is absolutely worth having a nibble. Check out:

Right, I’m off to continue nursing my hangover.

There will be plenty of brunches which I will be at this year, so will have much to report back on.

Happy brunchings peaches!

Miss M x


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