The Demise of Music in the 21st Century.

25 Sep

There I was on my way to gym at sparrows fart this morning and was listening to the radio, which I rarely do because of this very reason that I will be telling ranting to you about. In a row – Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and for all my sins One Direction songs were played. I immediately slapped in a Fleetwood Mac CD and was back in my happy place because surely no persons morning should start off like that?

Now, I have nothing against any of these artists I fucking hate One Direction mentioned above but it got me thinking – where are the Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash and Beatles of our generation, to only name a few of the great legends that our parentals would have been listening to? What will our kids be listening to as “golden oldies” when they are in their dirty 30’s? It’s a matter of serious concern my friends. Our generation is literally going to be responsible for the demise of great music purely because we are creating utter shit. We will be stuck listening to bubblegum pop with the likes of Bieber, Selena and I don’t even know the names of the rest of them turning out their “hits”.


Just out of interest I had a little browse around the interweb – on this day in 1968 Hey Jude by The Beatles was number 1 for 9 weeks in a row. In 2013, Miley Cyrus with Wrecking Ball is number 1. Now at this very point I could rest my case. But I won’t, because there is so much more to be said here. I’m not going to get into the whole Miley Cyrus debate because I don’t believe she deserves the time of day but case in point how you even compare the little teeny bopper musical efforts to that of legends like The Beatles. There is just no comparison.


I have the appreciation for music that I do because I was taught that by my Dad and we share the same love for rock. He loved music, would always have a bit of something epic blaring out of the record player (ouch, am I really that old?) and later on the CD player on a Sunday morning whilst the brekkie was being whipped up in the kitchen. He would casually pick up his guitar and strum along with the choons, literally having an appreciation for every beat – he was so passionate about great music and I am so glad that he was. I remember it as clear as day light and it’s moments like those that are absolutely priceless and you can never replace. We even have a video of us dancing around the house like total dorks to Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac when I was at University and were all a couple of glasses of red wine down!

ImageSo this begs the question – what will I be singing along to and playing in the house for my kids? Miley Cyrus!? Really? Is that what I will be left with. It cannot be and it won’t. We’ll need to keep listening to the great legends which I would never have a problem with but how sad that the musical talent of the 21st century is producing what they are and that we are supporting them, contributing to the demise of great music.

It’s an outrage. Rant over.

Miss M x


“Taking it Easy” by Andy Fenner. AND MY SISTER IS FEATURED.

28 Jul

It’s one of these absolute proud moments where I actually think my heart is going to burst with pride, love and over the top excitement. I’m not much of a crier, but right now, I am reaching for the tissues. And this is why.

Andy Fenner chose 20 of his favourite chefs and foodies around South Africa. My sister, Vanessa Marx, is one of them! The approach that he took was to showcase them in his book called “Taking it Easy” cooking for their friends and families, highlighting their individual style in their own personal environments.

“Taking it Easy” by Andy Fenner

So Ness had all her nearest and dearest around for her birthday last year and cooked them up a storm, as she does. I won’t go into detail as to what she did because you need to buy the book! Let’s just say there has been so much anticipation with family and friends to see the book and it’s finally here.

Some behind the scenes footage

A glimpse at the result

I need to get hold of the little tart, who is currently roaming Spain and France on a very well deserved holiday – no doubt getting loads of inspiration from her travels, so that I can eeek out loud like a child and tell her how much I love her.

I am so proud of you little one, again and again. Cannot wait to get my hands on a copy.

Miss M x

Life’s a Beach – watch this immediately!

25 Jul

Chris Stear (aka Oafie) you little biscuit! Oafs is a friend that I used to toddle around in nappies with along with his triplet siblings and older boet. Our folks all used to braai and drink beers together back in the day and we’re all still in touch. He is literally living the dream now and Earth Touch are documenting it – the life we all secretly wish we had instead of being stuck in our daily desk jobs. Chris is living the ultimate “beach bum” lifestyle in Mozambique. After watching the trailer and the 1st episode of Life’s a Beach it was so awesome to see that happy smiley Oafie face again! It’s been too long  my friend!

The Good times at Theewaters.

Ponta d’Ouro – Mozambique

Watch the trailer and to read more on the show:

And the 1st episode:

Brilliant, love it! Sign up, like it, watch it, share it, tweet etc to support Chris. I think a little rendezvous in Ponta will be on the cards very soon!

Go on you good thing you!

Miss M x

2 Enthusiastic thumbs up to Nike. Again. Even if it’s football related.

28 May

Nike’s launched a new interactive football YouTube ad on their Nike Football channel. Now, it’s no secret that I’m not much of a football fan but this caught my attention because of what I do on a daily basis to fund my fun and pay some bills.  And I really do love working in this industry. These guys have got it so right. Again. Obviously their budgets are beyond ridiculous and they must throw some serious moola  at their Ad agency to develop this amazing kind of communication. But, blown away by it is a severe understatement. It’s interactive. It’s right in your face. And it works. 

Check it out on the link below. There are apparently 9 tunnels so be quick off the mark to click away and explore it all because it is seriously jam packed with stuffs.

And no, I will not tell you what my Football IQ was in the Football Brain tunnel. Um, I think not.

Miss M x

Nike + Fuelband. And Oman in their video. We like.

11 Apr

The Marketing cats over at Nike have just got it so right. Or let me rephrase. Nike’s ad agency Wieden + Kennedy have got it so right for Nike. I’ve never really thought much of Nike to be honest. Yes – Just Do It and the swoosh is good and we can’t argue with that. Kudo’s. But the current brand positioning  itself – not so much. I could be talking out of turn here but I think they’ve fallen behind the likes of Adidas and Reebok in recent times but that of course is just my perception and opinion. I have not seen any solid communication from Nike in the Middle East that has caught my attention but maybe people here don’t like to Just Do It   this is not their target audience!? Uh – hum. Adidas is my vibe. I buy the brand. Wear the brand. Love the brand and am loyal to it. But. That might just have all changed.

Nike + Fuelband recently launched to the market. It’s a band that you wear on your wrist that measures your daily activity and tracks each step and calories burned – NikeFuel. Plus it’s a watch. You can also set a target for how active you want to be. You start at red, when it gets to green you’ve hit your goal. Simple. It’s also then a USB that you can plug into your computer or sync wirelessly through bluetooth and the mobile app to track your performance. I like. Especially with Big Little whipping our arses down on the pitch – would be good to see what hell the man is putting us through.

Now that all sounds totes nerdy and I am not so sure I would even wear something like that. All day. On my wrist. Like a muppet. It probably wouldn’t fit my outfit bla bla bla etc. But then I watched this.



And suddenly the brand is positioned so clearly in my mind that I want one. Now. So the uber clever ad guys have seen that such an innovative product needs and equally innovative positioning. Enter the tagline – Life Is a Sport. Make it count, which successfully integrates itself into Nike’s ongoing Make It Count campaign. Which to be honest going back to what I said earlier, I have really not seen much on. Very clever indeed Nike, because this has important implications for the brand and the overall brand positioning, which in my mind was totally lacking.

Now, more importantly people. And don’t jump to conclusions here. I’m not going to bang on about South Africa like you just thought I was going to do. Aaaaah, one step ahead of you today my lovely. Johannesburg unfortunately does not rank high in my books. In fact, it doesn’t rank at all. But. Oman does. I was really surprised to see the Grand Mosque appearing in this video. As well as the Tiwi Sinkhole which he jumps into. I’ve been to the Sink Hole many times and love it down there but I have not jumped from the top… yet. Added to the list of things to do now.

I don’t usually talk shop. But today I have purely because I felt like it. Plus, with such a rad video how could I not go on and share that with you. I know, so kind.

Wiki wiki weekend people. Get in. If it is anything like last weekend (God bless our souls) it should be, um, somewhat raucous FUN.

Make it count.

Miss M x

OH. MY. HAT. Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer.

26 Mar

Shut up.  I don’t care what all you Twilight haters say I am BEYOND excited. The Breaking Dawn Part 2 teaser trailer has JUST been released. It literally is a teaser, but so what, who cares, it’s still something for us to see and I am sure that there will be more trailers coming out sooner to the time to build up the the premiere. Out on the 16th of November. Can . Not . Bloody . Wait .


What ever on earth will we do when The Twilight Saga concludes after this film. What ever shall we do. Sigh.

Miss M x

5 Stuffs.

26 Mar

Dubai. Just love a little Dubai.


Mustard and turquoise colour combination. Hat. Knotted belt. Perfect outfit.


Clearly Hester knows what she's talking about.


Vietnamese summer rolls with mango & sweet chili dipping sauce.


The newest Aramani Eyes to Kill Lash Stretching Mascara. THE best mascara that ever existed. Trust me.


Miss M x

Sherlock Holmes. The series. You win.

21 Mar

I’m one of those kinds of people that loves a good series. I do, however, limit the nonsense that I feed to my brain and am rather quite selective in what I choose to watch. Staring blankly at the TV does not rank as something I like to do. If it doesn’t even sound remotely good to me, I’ll flag it.

So, having smashed Game of Thrones season 1 in pretty much a day and a bit (yes, it is that good) and in serious anticipation of season 2 which comes out on the 1st of April (can . not . wait . ) we needed something to fill the gap. The Accomplice has been banging on and on and on and on about Sherlock Holmes, the series. Honestly, I’ve told him to ‘tsek over and over and over and over again and that I was really not interested in watching such crap. Eventually I caved. Because every time I say, “what should we watch?” I get the same answer, “Sherlock Holmes” and I was getting bored of that. So we watched it.

Sherlock and Dr. Watson.

Now, I do not like admitting that I am wrong. Not now. Not ever. But in this case I will park my pride and mumble softly that he was right. Oh . My . Hat . It is brilliant. It might just even be competing for a 1st place spot with Game of Thrones and the moment – and trust me, that is seriously a huge statement I just made right there. So with only 2 series of Sherlock out, and only 3 episodes in each series we’ve finished watching it already and now friggin’ wait for season 3, which will only take like another year.

Do yourself a favour – and watch it. It is just so clever and continuously has you guessing, plotting, caught of guard and secretly wanting to be as awesome as Sherlock himself.

You were right. I was wrong. You win. There. I said it.

Miss M x

No sleep for the wicked.

14 Mar

It’s been a while. Yes, I have missed you too. Life has been super busy yet ridiculously good. I won’t get into a full on report of what has been going on because unlike some people on Facecloth, no one really cares that much about what you’re doing every 2 seconds of your life, where you are or what it looks like there. But. Just a few things from this week.

I just love concerts. Well, concerts by amazing artists. You would not get me to Madonna if someone paid me to go. Snow Patrol however performed in town on Sunday night. Yes it was a school night. No I didn’t care. They were absolutely amazing. They are one of my favourite bands and they most certainly did not disappoint. Having them in our back yard was such a treat. One great thing about watching concerts in Muscat is that it is always in a small venue which means no que to the bar, toilets, to get in, out – in fact just no waiting in ques at all – which could possibly be my worst activity because of my impatience problem. But it is just so easy. And we like easy. Complicated is just no use.

Snow Patrol

I then found myself at a rather cultural event on Monday night. The Ibuyambo Ensemble were performing at the Al Felaij Castle Theatre.

Now a few reasons why I went.

1. They’re from South Africa. This one’s a no brainer.

Ibuyambo Ensemble

2. The performance is in a castle and takes place in an outdoor ampitheatre. Quite novel hey? Yes, I thought so myself.

Al Felaij Castle

3. My client is the power behind all of these performances, so you know the rest.

These guys started out busking on the streets in Cape Town and have now performed from Canada to China including performances at the Edinburgh Festival and Nelson Mandela’s Birthday Concert at Wembley Stadium. They were brilliant. It was just so incredible to have a little taste of home in the desert. The Gumboot dancers were my best – reminded me of being at Gold Reef City as a kid. 

Here’s some Gumboot dancers in Camps Bay in Cape Town, in front of what looks like Caprice on a perfect Cape Town summers day. The good life.

Performance in the ampitheatre

Proudly South African, again and again.

And after a superb week  the weekend is staring at me square in the FACE, already. A few things in the calendar that I simply just can’t wait for – My barfday weekend coming up, Dubai and can’t wait to see Scottish Lass, Elton John and nearly nearly time to head back to the Motherland for a holiday. This is the highlight, of course. Can . Not . Wait . 

Now you go have yourself a cracker one too.


Miss M x

5 Stuffs.

7 Mar

Sunset in South Africa.

Love the simplicity. And that graffiti foot rest is amazing.

New Alexander McQueen scarf that I have a tad of an obsession with.

Dior Lip Glow. It responds to the color chemistry of your lips to create a shade that is uniquely yours. Yes really. My best lip stuff.

Strawberry Margarita Shots.


Miss M x